Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Fire, the zodiac element of Aries and Earth, Virgo’s zodiac element makes the combination difficult. However, some qualities are still there in the pairing. Both the mates are truthfulMagnetism occurs between the couple but the relation does not promise to be a long term relationship.


The virgin could sometimes irritate the Ram with her constant nagging and criticism. Being naturally organized, the Virgo could find the impulsive Aries mate to be careless. The Virgo believes in probing into the matter before coming to any conclusion, whereas the Arian decides first and then ponders the consequences.


  Virgo                                       Aries

   (August 23 – September 22)                     (March 21 – April 19)

   Virgo and Aries Compatibility Virgo                         and                     Virgo and Aries Compatibility Aries


The two features which a Virgo lacks in his persona, energy and spark, are added to his/her life by the Arian mate. The Arian would be dedicated to her companion and would become an undying devotee of his/her intelligence. The fiery sign Aries can make the Virgo feel secure in his company due to its aggressive and possessive behavior.


Virgo and Aries Compatibility Wheel10


The independent behavior of the free bird Arian would build more confidence in her Virgo comrade which could result in a high Virgo and Aries compatibility.


There is a huge contrast between the temperaments of both mates as one is impetuous and volatile while the other is stable, self controlled and practical. Moreover, the spendthrift nature of the Ram could clash with the cautious Virgo and further reduce their Virgo and Aries compatibility.


Virgo MAN – Aries WOMAN


In the initial stages of the relationship, both the mates will find a spark in their life. However, after sometime the sparks would fade and strains would appear. The organized nature of the man could make the woman feel bored as she believes in living in the moment and is spontaneous.  The only advantage that the companions can get from the relation is that there would be an understanding between them, and the man would respect her and her goals. The adventurous attitude of the Arian could never be her man’s cup of tea. However, the pairing could result in a high Virgo and Aries compatibility if both the partners try to bridge the gap.


Virgo and Aries Compatibility Virgo11                              Virgo and Aries Compatibility Aries1


Virgo WOMAN – Aries MAN


The rule following Virgo woman’s criticism of her man could be the main reason behind the downfall of their relationship.  The fiery nature of the man could be the cause of her regular nagging. The competitive and aggressive nature of the man makes him dominate the woman and woman would have no problem allowing her man to take the lead in their relationship. The woman may seem confident, but she needs a person on whom she can depend and her Aries man enjoys completing his responsibilities himself.

A slight change in behavior to remove their misunderstandings and egoistic conflicts could make their Virgo and Aries compatibility high.


In a nutshell, it can be observed that:


  • The totally opposite temperaments of both the mates make it difficult for them to adjust.


  • However, the smart, possessive and courageous attitude of the Arian could attract the Virgo mate.


  • Slight improvements in understanding and small changes can do miracles to their Virgo and Aries compatibility.


Rating compatibility between the two, it can be said that it’s SATISFACTORY.

25 Responses to Virgo and Aries Compatibility

  1. i’m a virgo and i love my aries <3 with all my heart

  2. my name is Tanveer Ahmed and i love my cousin she is aries and iam virgo i love very much but her attitude is totaly different many time she is refuse my purposer i can’t live with her but she is not serious with life i don’t know what happend with her when i come to her ya when i talk to her that time she is angry with me but i really love her i don’t know what can i do k she bring the change my love life is 15 year old we never walk full month with each other please Help me

  3. i have always found myself ending up with ariens most of the times…n the association has always been a promising one.

  4. I love my virgo :3

  5. I adore my Aries husband! It’s been almost 9 years now we’ve been together.

  6. So should I still continue pursuing my Aries?

  7. My Aries man is my soul. We connect so well. His birthday is 17the April, and I see him as a mish mash of a Taurean too. This match is awesome!

  8. I am the Arian and my boyfriend of a year now, is virgo. he is so very shy and very patiant and oh so very independent and humourous. He is my rock and my love. And when we argue its about how I want to go have fun and he would rather cuddle and watch a movie. Virgo’s and Aries for the winn! <3


  10. me and my virgo man have our ups and downs but we truely love eachother i have never felt this loved by any man so i think that aries and virgos are the most compatible he is the only man that can get me to submit and if u kno aries u kno that is a hard thing to get us to do

  11. Aries Men & Virgo Woman, is a Hard Relationship just know thta, all i can say it be prepared for a Challenge

  12. I love my Virgo. He’s so sweet and hilarious. The only thing I need in a guy is for him to make me laugh. He does a good job(:

  13. how do i get my aries man back (im a virgo woman) i love him.

  14. i am virgo and my aunty son i s aries we both are in love. we waiting for us marriage with our parents opinion ……….. i am afraid what will be happen plz sy for me ………….. i am waiting for your reply

  15. It’s almost eight months now and we’re pretty much happy at the moment. We get problems when it comes to my aries boyfriend showing up for something. If he doesn’t show I get angry and stop talking for a little while but I love with everything I’ve got!

  16. I’m a virgo/libra and my mate is an aries. He is amazing!!! I hate to think of my life without him. Throw in that I am a fire rabbit and he a fire tiger, yeah life is lookin good!!!

  17. i love my Arian man. The way he is protective and the way he takes control makes me love him even more. We have child on the way and im proud that my man and i are her parents. Some times these signs may not work out, but with me it has :D

  18. I’m aries n my bf is virgo… We always argue, he’s not passionate enough, he doesn’t seem to be interested in anything I do or tell him. He says less and doesn’t show effection… I feel like I have lost myself as a person in the process of wanting to have him. We never have anything to talk about, i regret being in a relationship with him. I wish I hadn’t met him. I want a break :(

  19. I love my Arian man too!He hads a kid we have problems at times. But he is great, Arians are men that have our backs no matter what so sweet and sexy. I think us Virgos need to be a little nicer ( at least me) and they won’t be able to get enough of us

  20. I have finally given into my Virgo/Libra cusp friend of many years after months of denial on my part, the Aries in me not wanting to trust or give into what seems to good to be true. I am an Aries woman and he is the most sweet, sensible, understanding and devoted person I have ever had the ability to get close to. He is a hopeless romantic like myself and enjoys the finer things in life like I do. He is passionate and surprises me constantly with his unexpected outgoing nature and incredible intellect. He never fails to remind me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am which is a totally foreign but a much welcomed change for me! He is so kind and gentle and is an amazing father and loving boyfriend. I think after all the years I have spent searching for the perfect mate I found it finally with my Virgo/Libra. He is beautiful in every way and my life is complete with him what I lack he has and the same goes for him. We play, parent, think, feel and love the same way the only flaw is we cant work together but it is a very minor thing compared to the vast qualities we share. I have never felt so at peace with myself and my significant other ever in my life and I am so lucky to have him by my side for I know that he will brave the worst so long as I hold his hand and I being an Aries am completely enveloped and enraptured by this that I will fight to hold on for as long as I can…

  21. I love my Virgo man, but it’s a roller coaster ride. We have ups and down, but they say opposite attract. He always have my back and I have his back. It’s just we clash about lil things. We been together four years and have a 2 year old son. It’s a crazy relationship though.

  22. I am an Aries dating a Virgo and she is amazing but has problems expressing praise instead of criticism. Is this just cause we’ve only been together for a short time, the fact she’s a Virgo, or just a personality trait?

  23. I love my Aries girl…she is amazing and I think our personalities compliment each other. She’s sweet, very smart, beautiful and fun to be around. Can’t imagine my life without her now.

  24. am a lil well Listen I am a aries, i say no more, My Virgo takes my breath away, Keeps me grounded on point, when I am all over. What can I say… shes a sweet soul. smart, sexy beautiful. This Aries needs no more, truely enjoys her company. -huge smiles-

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