Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility

What an adorable match! The zodiac element of both is earth, now what can go wrong with Virgo and Capricorn compatibility? Both have the similar traits and characteristics, and that’s what makes this pair as a harmonious pair. You can create a never ending list if you start marking the similarities between the couple. Both being tremendously caring, mature and hardworking, maintain an equal emotional stability too.


Some of the reasons that can create a difference between the virgin and the goat is generally the Virgo emphasizes much on the efforts rather than planning, which is quite unlike the Capricorn, who believes in planning and preparation. Due to the same viewpoint, both Virgo and Capricorn don’t indulge themselves in any kind of childish behavior, which results in diminished fun and entertainment in their life. Their life can become dull, monotonous and highly predictable.


Virgo                           Capricorn

(August 23 – September 22)         (December 22 – January 19)

Virgo and Capricorn compatibility Virgo                              and                           Virgo and Capricorn compatibility Capri



Criticism comes naturally to both of them, and therefore, they should try to channel it in a proper way otherwise it may lead to conflicts.
The best explanation for such a wonderful Virgo and Capricorn compatibility is that the woman always supports her man to reach his goals, which makes their life an enchanting experience. Social image, stability and security are the most concerning factors for both the soul mates.


Some people might take this pair to be unsexy and dull, which is quite wrong in this case as the mates are highly erotic and can get the best out of each. However, the earnest attitude in both can make them forget to live a cherished life.
When it comes to work, both the partners go for perfection.



 Virgo and Capricorn compatibility Wheel1


Virgo MAN – Capricorn WOMAN

An ideal combination for the best Virgo and Capricorn compatibility… the woman crafts the environment of love, care and warmth that binds the family together. The man will provide her with a sense of security for which she has longed for. Being too romantic in nature, both set an example for perfect Virgo and Capricorn compatibility. They find each other really attractive and share an excellent bonding. The decency of the Capricorn woman makes her man more attracted towards her. Their diligent planning can make them succeed anything. However, a communication gap can create a misunderstanding between the two.



 Virgo and capricorn Compatibility Virgo11                       Virgo and capricorn Compatibility Capri1

Virgo WOMAN – Capricorn MAN

The strong intellect and the true feminine nature of the Virgo woman can bowl him over. Her unmatched devotion towards her man makes her the best choice for him. With her sound advice, she can make the Capricorn man achieve his goals and reach on the top. There is an unspoken understanding between the two which makes the couple truly devoted couple. The lady must understand the concern of her man towards his family and should discontinue her unceasing nagging.
As their love blossoms the man becomes more dedicated towards her and gives up his dominating temperament. A Virgo woman follows “the route to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and engages herself in the kitchen.

Overall, they lead a blissful life.


In a nutshell, it can be observed that:


  • This pair can be taken to be a sweetly matched pair having all the ingredients to become soul mates.


  • They can lead a better life if both have a better communication.


  • If they fall in love, their relationship would become a long lasting relation.


Rating compatibility between the two, it can be said that it’s EXCELLENT.

35 Responses to Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility

  1. it is true! i am cap and i love my virgo man so much. best partner ever.

  2. It’s true you know.

  3. Very true!!! We have a great relationship, I support him 1000% of the time in any decision that he makes for our future..
    That’s my baby and I love my Virgo man!!!

  4. I love my capricorn woman more than anything, perfect parter to share my life with.

  5. being with a capricorn is good its loving and i loved it

  6. I love my virgo so much I feel a day without him is thee worst I’m a cap and its true his my soul mate

  7. Iam a capricorn and my man is a virgo ..I swear we are the perfect pair.

  8. I can’t agree more. I find my Virgo man physically, and psychologically attractive. We’re inseparable and have been since we met,he inspires me and compliments me so well. I couldn’t ask for a better partner! :3

  9. this is true!! I’m a Virgo woman who’s falling for a Capricorn man!! He is everything a man should be….Soul mate!!

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  10. Its way true! Me n my capricorn man have an overwhelming conection. I love him to pieces im not sure what id do without him in my life. Hes my stability and security I turn to him when im scared.

  11. Im a Virgo woman who’s been wit my Cap for 4 yrs…n i do believe wit all my heart dat we r meant to b soulmates! He’s everything i want n need in a man n i always support with everything he does!! I just pray to God, dat our bond continues to get stronger n dat we wnt allow anyone or anything destroy what we have!!

  12. I am sooo in love with my capricorn man!! we are best friends, inseparetable, finish each other sentences. he is amazing! This is all absolutely true!

  13. So true im a virgo woman and my capricorn is truly a spot on match we are both very understanding of eachother and devoted my true soulmate;)

  14. i love a virgo girl , she’s my best friend and im a capricon, i see every thing u said in her , i think we’re perfect for each other. but sadly she friend zoned me and im being like her brother to avoid losing her :( love’s a bitch isnt it..

  15. lallaalalalalalla

    OMGGG my virgo boyfriend is so sweet and i like.. think he is sooo awesome! HES AMAZING!! yayayay!!!!! this is s]like sooo totally right.. SO TOTALLY!

  16. I love my virgo man <3 =)

  17. ima a Virgo and my girl is a Cap … we’ve known eachother for 2 years now we are dating … She’s The ONE 4 me … K & A ♥

  18. These signs also work for my samesex relationship. I love my wifey so much! We intinctively know how to make each other happy. I don’t have to tell her what I need, she automatically knows! I’m sooooo happy!

  19. I think someone has been following me and my girlfriend April- the VIRGO – around writing this- SPOOKY!!!

  20. Boy, is this ever true. All of it. I was so in love with my Virgo fiance, but she passed away 4 yrs. ago and I haven’t found anyone even close to her. Our connection was unbelievable. Our relationship was beautiful: fun, peaceful, loving, supportive–a dream come true. I miss her dearly. If I ever marry again, my wife will be a Virgo.

  21. this is so “TRUE” I <3 my baby that's my everything . We been through ALOT & only been togther since January . We have are Ups & Downs but we still together

  22. This is so true. Im a Capricorn woman with a Virgo man. We share the same thoughts, beliefs and everything. We’re so happy!

  23. Omg this is so true! I just met a Capricorn man and he is all I can think of. It felt so right being in his arms. I felt so loved and like a woman! However, he has a gf he just met a month ago who is a Cap as well :o ( I can’t get him off my mind, but I am not second fiddle or booty call. I swear everytime I here Deuces by Chris Brown, La Tortura by Shakira, Rihanna we fell in love and Coldplay green Eyes I just think of him!

  24. Im a Virgo an my hubby is a cap we are going to be 6 years together
    I love him he is my soul mate and SEX is great!

  25. Maricar Salazar

    I disagree…they are great partners but not long term. Stubborn, critical and not a good communicator .

  26. Wow this is all so true, we was together almost two years, sad part is she was a compulsive liar. She was definately the one for me, one month apart n my love for her is still as strong.

  27. I think this is completely true, but its confusing me. I’m in love with a capricorn man… and he says he loves me to, but he refuses to be with me…. why?

  28. Not true at all my ex and i are currently pregnant, living with each other and there is rarely a moment we arent fighting. I just love him so much and he doesnt have the same passion i do. Hes fallen out of love. We have a hard time communicating, getting over the past, and focusing on love.

  29. I guess i am the odd one. Virgo female here. I was recently dating a cap and had to jump ship because he was too mean. I tried, but he was mean for no reason. Worst relationship ever. Give me my fire signs any day

  30. enlightening virgo

    I am a virgo female who had to jump ship with a cap male. He was just plain meanspirited. Virgos are compassionate and we do not tolerate meaness. Worst relationship ever.

  31. I wish I knew back before I got into this nightmare of a marriage to an aquarius what I realize now. I envy you all. I had stopped believing in soulmates, but now I know that they do exist. The sad thing is I will never meet mine. I am right now sleeping in a separate bedroom, and my detached Aquarius can care less. I truly made a mistake. Cherish what you all have. It sounds wonderful.

  32. I’m a virgo and she’s a cap we just met and the sparks were flying from the first date, she is all I can think of. So far everything this says about us is true I can only see us going forward……..

  33. i am so in love with my girl but i am an idiot and when she gets mad i just close up i think i lost her and im so brokenhearted i miss the way things were we were planning on marriage and kids now.. i just try not to hurt!!

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