Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

An extraordinary match!

Both mates are intelligent and realistic. Due to their well-matched intelligence level, the Virgo and Gemini compatibility rate is high. However, their unexpressed feelings may bring about a few misunderstandings between the couple.

Mercury-ruled companions in most cases form a long term relationship. Both individuals find each other interesting and can chat for long hours. The Gemini’s passion may add some zeal to the sober Virgo’s life; on the other hand, the Virgo may bring stability in him. It’s the relation that assures fun and major sexual attraction.
Things may turn sour due to the criticism made by the Virgo.


Virgo                               Gemini


(August 23 – September 22)                           (May 21– June 20)

   Virgo and Gemini Compatibility Virgo                      and                     Gemini


The match signifies success, happiness and prosperity. With Gemini’s support and knowledge, the Virgo partner can reach new heights. The humorous, loving and entertaining Virgo will add color to Gemini’s life. Their realistic temperament guards them from the emotional outbursts. However, the flirtatious nature of the Gemini can make the Virgo feel envious.


Virgo and Gemini Compatibility Wheel8


The perfectionist Virgo attracts the Gemini. Due to their matching intellectual wavelength, this pair can also be called as “marriage of the minds”. Nevertheless, the adventurous Gemini believes in taking risks and has hundreds of ideas flashing through his mind, whereas the shy Virgo considers following one thing at a time and goes with tried and tested ideas only.


Virgo MAN – Gemini WOMAN

A good pair among zodiac pairs and promises to be a long lasting match…

Both companions have lots of love and affection for each other. Their parallel nature makes it easier for them to value each other mate. Their ability to understand each other and the similarity of opinions bring them closer. Honesty is the main aspect in their life and also the chief concerning factor for both love mates. His critical behavior may sometimes make the situation get out of hand. The over- cautious behavior of the man might irritate the woman who, on the other hand, does not shy away from doing unusual and odd things. However, the woman would be the source of inspiration and energy for her love mate. She would add passion to his life. There is a good chance of a blissful married life and a high Virgo and Gemini compatibility.


Virgo and Gemini Compatibility Virgo11                           Virgo and Gemini Compatibility Gemini1


Virgo WOMAN – Gemini MAN

Initially, the Gemini may not be attracted by the woman but Virgo and Gemini have a high compatibility and may cause a different outcome. Their understanding and cooperation can set an example for other pairs. Similar ideas flash through their minds at the same instant. However, the flirty Gemini can spark some heated arguments between the couple due to this behavior. He may also complain of not getting enough space or independence which his partner needs to understand. Her regular criticism and advice may annoy him further. Things can be sorted out if both start valuing each other’s suggestions and try to understand each other.


In a nutshell, it can be observed that:


  • Both the mates are intelligent, resourceful and practical.


  • The constant criticism of the Gemini and the flirty nature of the Gemini can weaken their bonds.


  • Understanding and cooperation would help them in bringing passion and stability in their life.


Rating compatibility between the two, it can be said that it’s GOOD

33 Responses to Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

  1. I always thought me and.a Virgo would be a bad match most other sights say that, this was an interesting outlook on the match, im excited. But I do know gemini girls and virgo girls friendship, biter sweet

  2. On the second bullet point following “In a nut shell, it can be observed that:”, it should read “…constant criticism of the VIRGO…” rather than Gemini. Other than that, it was a good and informative read.

  3. Im a Gemini and my love is a Virgo and it was love at first sight <3 He is my soulmate<3

    • I am a Virgo with Gemini rising. I odnwer if Mercury retrograde will affect me even more with Mercury ruling both Virgo and Gemini. I enjoy your video every month! Thank you for the good advice!

  4. My boyfriend is a Virgo and I am a Gemini, this is pretty accurate.

  5. is virgo woman match gemini man?

  6. olawanle oluwseun

    Now I can understand how to handle a virgo.Now I see we are perfect match.

  7. I’m the Virgo woman in a relationship with a Gemini man, and I’m the one who “may also complain of not getting enough space or independence which [my] partner needs to understand” !

  8. I am a virgo woman and my partner is a gemini. We don’t respect each other’s minds or opinions, we can never find a common ground, I’m just so sick of it. I don’t think I will consider being with another gemini again. I’m only 22 and we met when I was 16 and he was 17. Yes we once had a bond but it deteriorated over the years. When we got together it was lust. We were lusting after each other. Every since I can remember I always tried to flee from him but he would never let me go. I haven’t been happy in a long time. The last time I can truely say I was happy was in the beginning of our relationship which was 6 yrs ago, and the other was when I went to Mississippi to visit my dad in july of 2011. I use to be a happy person… I just wonna be happy again. This relationship makes me feel like my soul is in bondage and its dying to break free. I’m 22 and I’m beautiful, and I don’t have any children, I should be enjoying my life. I’m not saying I was the perfect person in the relationship but damit I’m telling this story from my point of view. To me this is the conquence of being sexually active at a young age. Oh how I long to go back in time….

    • That’s exactly wat I’m going threw!!! Wow

    • im afraid im going through the same exact thing brittney. i dont think i believe in this stuff but its always interested me. your comment is the exact description of what i am currently going through. i hope things get better for u.

  9. why is it that in most of these it makes the gemini look like the bad guy (or girl). i am a pretty good guy and my girl is a virgo, working out swimmingly :)

  10. I love how this stuff is all real because im a virgo man an she’s a gemini, and it was love in first sight ! I never thought I could ever love someone this much!!

  11. I’m a Virgo and my boyfriend is a Gemini… I do get jealous quite easily, but I haven’t had a problem with him flirting… Unlike what most pages say about Gemini’s, he isn’t such a flirt… He’s really dedicated. We’ve already discussed our future and our kids’ names’ and where we’re going to live… Just any subject that you can imagine, we’ve had a conversation about it. Not too long ago, he was locked up, and I stuck beside him. We support each other and respect each others space. He knows where I draw the line and never tries to cross it unless I tell him he can… He’s very accepting to my constant change of mind and I understand his adventurous and risky nature… We balance each other out quite well. Other sites say that a Gemini is a bad match for a Virgo, but my boyfriend says he would die if anything were to happen to me or if we were to part… So, this site definitely gave me some confidence. Not that I rely on these things to determine my true love or soul mate, but it’s good to have a second opinion on the matter. Now I know what to look out for and be wary of, and I can pay attention to my behavior so I can try to be the best girlfriend that I can possibly be…

  12. Am a virgo and I happen to get hooked to a gemini guy, when we started it was really interesting nd had a direction, bt ever since I tested him to see his reactions, since then he changed nd never cherished me like b4, wen ever I asked him where he is he get pissed off that I shouldn’t be asking him, he is in control of his own world nd dnt like pple asking him, he told me his priority now is study and money, then he will get bk to me wen he make them. He doesn’t consider my feelings atall he care abt himself alone


  14. Now I know thank you. If were meant to be then God help if not may we be happy for the one destined for each of us ^^

  15. *KatasrophicLover*

    This is pretty accurate. I Am a Virgo and my ex is a Gemini and he flirted with everybody and it aggravated me so much! And we could have intellectual conversations, but they’d honestly turn into sex because we were just extremely attracted to each other’s appearance and minds. We are the perfect match though, I see it and eventually he will too.

  16. I´m gemini and she´s virgo, we´re doing well!

  17. I am a Virgo and my boyfriend is a gemini. In the begining it was him coming After me trying to please me now the tables has completely turned. He’s more of a peoples person and would hang outside all day, while im not so much of a peoples person and would rather him spend more time with me. When ever We argue he always tried to flip the scrip and make me feel Like the bad person but i wont go for that. I love him so much but he always seem to show that i dont matter much. He doesnt even seem to care about my feelings he would rather please his friends than me. He say i get on his nerves at times but i dont think so. I just would appreciate if he called more and he never calls. He could atleast take me out sometimes and spend more time with me. All he say is he got to get to the money so i be Like Well let me see it. He never says he need his space but i guess thats because i give him too much. I guess i see the real him now and as far as him flirting with others. I hate the fact that he act Like he gotta look at every chick that passes his way or be in they face When We aré in their company. If im around another dude he would set there the whole time and be all over me. When We aré in public if another dude look my way he will get all on me as if i dont motive what he is doing. Thats another thing about him he is very sneaky observant and hate for me to be all up in his business When he nosey as hell himself. I can see this is not going to work out

  18. I am a Virgo woman and my guy is a Gemini. He is cool so far and everything is going alright. I can’t say we really have any issues because we’ve only just started dating but he’s been to see my twice and the only issue I have is with him telling me things that I already know. I dont like being told things as of I’m being schooled. I need him to know I know just as much as he does and possibly more. But overall I have nO complaints about him. Reading this and all of your stories makes me cautious but very optimistic of our future together.

  19. Am i nigeria presently, am gemini and my babe is virgo….i believe it takes much of respect and to undrstand eachother…..just base your relationship on 100% emotion and stop her from nagging and critics then you are good to go……my own relationship is the best in the world, i won’t let anything hurt her or hurt her feelings…… just sensitive to every thing i see but i only think about her alone…..go with her to every where so that she can always be my bedt adviser…..

  20. I’m a virgo met a gemini guy, love at first sight I must say, it was really blissful but my criticism was way out of order cos he flirts a lot too, we broke up but I kept missing him cos he really showered me with care and lots of pamperings and we’re on verge of making up which I initiated I just hope it works out if it doesn’t I move on with my life, what can I do?
    Dated another gemini before but our problem was not expressing our feelings well I thought he didn’t love me much and he thought same too we never understood how much we loved each other until we broke up, there’s some facts in this readings honestly.

  21. Thanks for good attitude

  22. I am a Virgo (man) who is happily married to a Gemini (women) for last 10 years and the strongest bond between us is our intellectual conversations – whether it’s a routine/daily discussions or about scholarship. Both of us are university professors and I am really amazed to see how close this prediction is, so decided to confirm it, although I belive in building a relationship rather than believing in such predictions.

  23. I am a Virgo woman with a Gemini man and I can say its da most confusing relationship ever. We feel rite 2getha but he is a flirt and I can’t stand dat. He doesn’t let me express how I feel on situations because he doesn’t want to hear da criticism. And jus when I think we are over and moving on one if us gives in and we’re back 2 getha again. We’ve been with each other for eight months now but I think we’ll make it a year

  24. Brandi McBean

    I am a gemini dating a virgo and I want it to work so I need advice and this post seem to help me

  25. Im a virgo and my male friend potential boyfriend is a gemini…been flirting with each other for years…dating a couple of weeks now….n i really do feel the connection…im still that perfectionist who doesnt want to make a mistake so weighing my decisions…but i could see myself creating a future with him…..some are right after u bond it does start to feel like this is or was love at first sight….enjoyin wat it is for now in hopes that we can go further…

  26. I am I Gemini woman fresh in a relationship with a virgo man, our conversation are always light n carefree. He tends to think on negative situations n I help turn his thoughts on the negative into positives, we so far seem to be a great match but he has some areas in his life he needs to straighten up, hopefully with time I can get him into the light, we respond very well with each other

  27. Very interesting… I am virgo woman and this is the first time I’ve ever been attracted to a Gemini… our connection is crazy… we are not a couple, but for some reason can’t leave each other alone. We do find each other mentally stimulating but there seems to be a strong sexual connection also, although we have never gone there. Just wondering if this should be persued or not. We are both so guarded and keep trying to resist this thing, but for some strange reason though we just keep finding each other and it starts the sparks all over again.

  28. I am a gemini woman and my virgo man is a nit picking mutherfucker he crys about everything…and can’t take a fucking joke…if the sex was’nt good and he was’nt smart..I would leave his fussy ass!

  29. I’m a Virgo woman and I am dating a Gemini. We have such a great connection. Although you can’t always go off of zodiac signs to truly know, I feel like zodiac signs can be very telling of someone’s general underlying personality. He is definitely a Gemini, but I see a lot of Virgo traits in him, such as being cleanly and observant. This works really well with my personality, I don’t feel the need to be critical towards him about anything. We have great conversations every day, it never gets old. He isn’t a flirt at all, he is so considerate of everyone and everything. I feel as though the only downfall to our relationship could be me being overly critical. It was good reading this, because it’s always good for Virgo’s to be reminded that people are people, and the less critical we are, the better relationships like this can work out.
    Thanks for the good read!

  30. I am a gemini woman and he is a virgo man, I recently broke up with my virgo, because he was being very disrespectful do to our misunderstandings. It was like he was set in is ways and if I didnt do things his way, it would be an issue. However , when were happy yes it was very blissful and forfilling, I really love him and miss him and it was like I had found my soul mate, even though he is with someone else right now. I am now preggo with his child. Wow something this site said that they were right about was the way a virgo can make you feel very stable and secure he made me feel that way and I truly truly will miss him and think of him everyday until I die.
    P.S. Probably bc our child will look just like him. I love you CBG!

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