Virgo and Leo Compatibility

A pairing of two people with opposite traits and features

The extremely expressive, charismatic and gregarious person when matched with a shy, timid and master of criticism does not promise a good match. Qualities like leadership and brilliance of attitude make the Leo capable of finding solutions to a problem which seems to be impossible for others. However, criticism by his Virgo mate can greatly affect the sensitive Leo.


Nonetheless, both being next to each other on the zodiac wheel might form a good Virgo and Leo compatibility and a high probability of marital balancing. The truly devotional nature of the Virgo can give a boost to the ego of Leo as he/ she is an attention seeker. Leo’s pride and dignity mixed with discipline attracts the Virgo.


 Virgo                                    Leo

  (August 23 – September 22)                       (July 23 – August 22)

  Virgo and Leo compatibility Virgo                            and                         Virgo and Leo compatibility Leo


In the initial stages of their relationship, both partners might find no spark in each other but with the passage of time a good Virgo and Leo compatibility could be seen evolving. Leo can bring about a change in the boring and monotonous life of the simple, sober Virgo.


Virgo and Leo compatibility Wheel7


The attention seeker Leo might try to over shadow the shy Virgo to be in the lime light. The constructive criticism of the Virgo can lead to disastrous consequences as it might be taken as a personal attack by the Leo.


Virgo MAN – Leo WOMAN

It’s recommended to avoid this match. The over-demanding nature of the Leo woman cannot be fulfilled by the sober Virgo man as he considers these demands to be superfluous. The practical outlook of the man may make him ignore the love and affection of his woman which can frustrate her. The unusual and alienated behavior of the man can very much affect their relation and lessen their Virgo and Leo compatibility. The dream of an obedient wife whom the man had anticipated from a long time might not be fulfilled by his valiant female counterpart, which would further prevent them from strengthening their bond. The only solution to make this relation work is that both the partners must try to understand the needs and requirements of each other.


Virgo and Leo Compatibility Virgo11                     Virgo and Leo Compatibility Leo1


Virgo WOMAN – Leo MAN

The attention seeker Leo may take all efforts and support provided by the Virgo woman for him or the relationship for granted. Similar to other females the Virgo female  wants some appreciation from her husband, the possibility of which is less with the Leo male, and therefore could make her unhappy. Leo’s organizational skills and ability to control impresses the woman. The outgoing nature of man may amplify the problems. The adjusting and adapting nature of both can however, curtail the problems and lead to high Virgo and Leo compatibility.


In a nutshell, it can be observed that:


  • The Virgo needs to engender humbleness in the egotistical Leo mate.


  • The extrovert personality of the Leo may clash with the introvert nature of the Virgo.


  • Since both members are the holders of influential personalities, a bit of understanding and cooperation may take their Virgo and Leo compatibility to new heights.


Rating compatibility between the two, it can be said that it’s SATISFACTORY.

7 Responses to Virgo and Leo Compatibility

  1. this really helped me … thank you so much :)

  2. Virgo lady here, 2 out of the 5 serious relationships I’ve had in my 15 yrs of dating (I’m 30 now) have been leos….. The lions are usually very sexy, have gorgeous cat eyes and very opinionated. Watch out though because they don’t want to hear you ever say their opinion is an opinion… More like they got all the facts. My last partner of 5 yrs was a lion and the most hottest I’d ever seen. But he spent a lot of my money, telling me all the time about his plans to make it big and it was all talk. At least we made a beautiful baby. After 5 yrs my Virgo no-nonsense is hopefully helping inspire him to shape up and be a better man. He was fun, true but had a way overly exploded ego, Keats made up stories, could never count on hearing the truth from him. Who needs truth when you have a glitzy, glam story? Well the Virgo woman who can smell untruth from a mile away, for one. I think what really tied us tight from the get-go was his appreciation for my subtle elegance, his super lion hotness and also the hint of a Scorpio rising i would see piercing from his eyes that shot thru to my heart. At least we NEVER had a fight n the bedroom! But all in all, with the lies in tow, a most highly unsatisfactory relationship and it tore me up. Good luck though if this match-up is your quest, there were plenty of good rewards as well. He could always make me laugh so there’s something.
    I Believe the key to finding ones match is staying open and as fluid as possible.

  3. <3
    I do agree with this thank you, being a leo but being bitten at love about three times I am very careful with my virgo and his emotions. I think it's a little different when it comes to chemistry and closeness, although they are very, very, very warming and welcoming to new ideas! But overall, if a couple are happy.. Let them be happy. Don't fret over little things and remember they chose you out of all these other people <3

  4. Hello,

    I found this information to very helpful. I am a Leo, and lately my relationship with my Virgo boyfriend has been on shaky ground. Being a devout believer in the cosmic strength of the zodiac, I took the advice and suggestions here to heart, and am very pleased to say that by reading this I really understand him better! It has only made our relationship stronger, THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Hala!!! im a leo girl hear me roar !!! and im a virgin its true we can be hard to handle but we’re worth it where it counts ;) …By the way the love of my life is a virgo and we get along great the thing is a know he needs a quiet girl sometime so i be her (god knows some other bitch will) so thats the key know what your partner needs I LOVE YOU TOMMY MOODIE…also im jamaican here be hot as rass (jamaican curse word) oops ;)

  6. i was wondering what do you have 2 say about the compatability of 2 women. whom is a virgo and a leo!!! please email me back i need 2 know your insite on this!!! relationship is at state!!!!
    sincerly brit(virgo)

  7. I’m a Leo and my wife is a Virgo. after reading this I’m starting to think all this astrology stuff is for real. It’s the worst marriage ever!!!! Seriously, this *itch does nothing but criticize my every move… and what nerve of her to put down a man as strong-minded as myself. I have more sense in my left eye than her whole head! I’m considering dating another lion behind her back soon. and possibly splitting once i have established a stable relationship with my new mate. although i may not break it off because i work late hours so often i could pull it off likely forever. and she makes so much money i really wouldn’t want to miss out on the spoils of her luck. so i’ll pork the other chick on the side and use her cash for the hotels ;) she’s intolerable and deserves this. trust me!

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