Virgo and Libra Compatibility

The poles-apart temperaments of Virgo and Libra make it difficult for both mates to understand each other. The Virgo and Libra compatibility goes through various ups and downs in their lives. Proper functioning of this match is highly unpredictable.

The socializing nature of the Libran makes him totally different from the criticizing Virgo, who does not agree with the imperfect outlook of Libra. The Virgo may find his Libran counterpart as indecisive and wishy-washy. On the other hand, the Libran may find him narrow minded.

Initially, the shy Virgo would be attracted by the social nature of the Libran but later  when he/ she finds that the Libran has an emotional approach unlike her rational approach their Virgo and Libra compatibility would start to thin.

Virgo                                 Libra   

(August 23 – September 22)           (September 23 – October 22)

 Virgo and Libra compatibility Virgo                             and                        Virgo and Libra compatibility Libra


A little adjustment in nature and temperament can make this relation work. Since the Virgo is a true follower of perfectionism the irresponsible behavior of the Libran can annoy him.



virgo and libra compatibility Wheel4


The Libran may also find the Virgo to be a tiresome and grumbling person having a dictatorial tendency which is highly intolerable for him. This Virgo behavior could make the Libran search for other support outside. Being highly sensitive the inconsiderate criticism of the Virgo can displease the Libra.

Although they might lead a peaceful life, it might be lacking fun and excitement. The marriage of the two might lead to extremely complicated situations.


Virgo MAN- Libra WOMAN

This may not prove to be successful relation as both the companions have differing natures. The pessimist attitude of the man could certainly infuriate the friendly behavior of the woman. The over-cautious and the impassionate nature of the man might make the bond weak with the happy go lucky Libra woman. If the woman can coat the narrow mindedness of her man, the Virgo and Libra compatibility can make the relationship a good love relationship.


virgo and libra compatibility SVIRGO                      virgo and libra compatibility SLIBRA


Virgo WOMAN- Libra MAN

Admiration is what the Libran always yearns for and the woman yearns for security. Both can live a happy life only when they express their feelings clearly to each other. Both should try to match the emotional nature (Libra) and the practical nature (Virgo). The negative attitude of the woman can aggravate the heated arguments between the couple.


In a nutshell, it can be observed that:


  • The balance or the stability that a Libran loves in relationships might help him escape the intense watch of the Virgo.


  • Their dissimilar natures and outlook can make their Virgo and Libra compatibility low.


  • The understanding nature of the duo can make the relationship work.


Rating compatibility between the two, it can be said that it’s SATISFACTORY

15 Responses to Virgo and Libra Compatibility

  1. You are so rite about the Libra male.I’am a virgo women and i have been with a libra for 7 years.He is so sweet and everyone loves him but he is very lazy but he’s a good person in and out.We get along very well and he gives me everything i want but get a job.I love him and would not leave him for any other sign or person.But when we got married two years ago he has gotten lazier.I think after reading this page i need to put my foot down and get tuff.

  2. Im a virgo woman and i tend to fall for libra woman. i had a relationship with a libra for 1year and it ended in a drastic way but never i regret it cuz while it lasted it was super exciting. now im dating a libra woman again and its going so well. shes lazy but i like it cuz i like to work. i dont believe that this 2 dont work out and i understand perfectly my libra, shes an open book. could it be cuz she was born on the 28th of september and has a little bit of virgo in her?

  3. So far, it is agreeable that the Libra is somewhat lazy in ways, but I happen to be a Libra, and I find myself being the only one who knows how to cook, clean and maintain a heathier diet! In some ways, this might be a good conection for the Virgo and Libra because there are instances where the Vigo is absent minded and forgets simple things. Libras are more artistic and detailed freaks with more ability to organize and make beautiful things! yet they are a little more simple minded! hahaha.

    • With both your Sun and Mars in Scorpio, you have to open yourself up to your deep and prouwfel feelings. However, with Venus in Libra, you love to feel beautiful, admired and have a strong sense of justice and fairness. His Libra qualities are more mental than your deep emotional nature. However, you can feel very sweet towards him. His Venus is in Scorpio, so he loves your intensity and will be a stronger verbal communicator than you. (You communicate by how you show your feelings.) Both of you are very social and very focused on each other’s reactions and responses. With his Mars in Libra, he enjoys being pursued, something you probably do well. You have to ask yourself, Does he push me beyond my limits? Scorpio usually needs a very intense and tranformative challange in life to feel really alive. Is that what he is interested in?

  4. I usually hate virgo’s, lol… but omg this virgo man is deliciously divine to me, he’s got a pisces moon. I’m libra and have got a scorpio moon. That’s most likely why we like each other. I am trying harder than normal to impress him lol, there’s an attraction there. We have a mutual ‘thing’ going on.

  5. I’m a libra woman, and I’ve been seeing my Virgo boyfriend for a year, now. He is SUCH a perfectionist when it comes to things he’s interested in, or tasks at work. Whereas, I’m just lounging around and super lazy. Having said that, I love a beautiful home and so I do all the cleaning, cooking and decorating. My virgo deals with the finance side of things because I’m hopeless with it! I’d say he and I get on like a house on fire. I understand the part about Virgo men getting grumpy, and my Virgo does seem to sulk.. But then, I must get annoying with indecisiveness and over indulgence in cake and slobbing out! :D All in all, we get on A+++++

  6. This is true! I’m a libra woman that’s been with a virgo man for 3 years. We get along wonderfully and its crazy because we are actually so much alike. I wish I knew our moon we fell under because we are alike.

  7. I am a virgo and I just started a new relationship with a libra. I like the fact that he is so loving and affectionate. Being a virgo I am very critical, but have learned not to be so judgemental and loosen up more. Our intimacy is very intense and it has been a little over a month and so far so good.

  8. Omg never been with a libra before until now and he is so awsome he treats me better than any other sign I have been with. And so far we have so much in common and want the same things I hope this love last forever and this libra loves to work so not sure if its all libras

  9. I’m a Libra man and my girls a Virgo we get along fine and I think it’s because I try to make her happy every day. Shes heartbroken I’ve never seen anyone with such a depressed attitude she’s not suicidal or anything but she insists she probably will never love me but I’m hard headed so I insist back that no matter what ill make it happen haha I’ve been at it for aboutt two years and at this point I think I’m close to my goal. So I think these two sighns although it may seem their not compatible with a little work and a lot of love it’ll go by great

  10. I am a Libra woman dating a Virgo man. We have been together for almost a year and at first the relationship was absolutely blissful. Now, I don’t seem to be as happy as I use to be. My Virgo seems to be so consumed with work and always on his computer. It gets on my nerves so bad because I’d rather him be cuddled up with me. I feel so unhappy lately and yearning for the attention he use to give me. When I say something to him about it, he says he’s working for us. But for me, there isn’t that much work in the world. I’m very doubtful about the future success of this relationship.

  11. I am a Libra female interested in a Virgo male. The guy i am interested in we are not together but i think about him all the time. When ever we do see each other he goes out of his way to say something anything to me. He could be in a crowd and he always acknowelges me. We have however messed around once and it was dynamite. I mean the sex was amazing better then i have ever had before. He was a very passonate lover. But even after that we did not exchange numbers so i hope i will see him again before the summer is over. I know where he stays. He has a girlfriend but i can look in his eyes and see that hes not happy. So every one wish us luck and that we can make something out of nothing as far as a relationship.

  12. I’m a Virgo man I just met a very beautiful and warm hearted libra woman. She is so loving and caring and yes lazy. But I love to cuddle up with her a lot. I would like to see how far this relationship will go. To me she is wifey material.

  13. I am sooooooo in love! I’m a Virgo woman and with a Libra man we stared off rocky and finally found our balance together! He’s So amazing to me and I just love him. I agree with the laziness of Libra but with as much as I care for him I’m willing to take my chances!! He’s worth it!!@

  14. I am a Virgo woman, and I have been loved a Libra man. I wish that I had never met him because I hate him as much as I loved him before.

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