Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Being of opposite signs and directly reverse on the wheel of the zodiac, the match can be either hell on earth or heaven. When two people of both the signs meet the relation seems to be thrilling at first. However, it may not result into a long-lasting relation.

Opposite attracts theory proves true here but to a certain extent… in the starting of this relation, there will be an electrifying chemistry between the two, but after some time when the two will discover each other’s nature, they conclude that both are very different from each other.  Physics law does not work in astrology indeed.


Virgo                                Pisces   

(August 23 – September 22)                   (February 19 – March 20)

 Virgo and pisces compatibility- virgo                              and                            Virgo and Pisces compatibility- pisces



A Virgo person takes time to think before taking decisions, which makes him/her more organized and planned as compared to Piscean, who lives in a world of fantasy, ignoring his/her, problems. This relation can prove to be successful only if both the people put in their best to save the relation. Both must try to have an open mind. Since a Piscean is tender by nature the harsh criticism by the Virgo may lead to disharmony between the two.


 virgo and pisces compatibility-Zodiac wheel

For a Virgo, love is spiritual and intellectual compatibility, whereas for a Piscean it’s like a huge waterfall and the centre of his life.
Both are sensitive by nature and don’t have high aims in life usually.


Virgo MAN – Pisces WOMAN

A Virgo male is really a down-to-earth person and pragmatic by nature. The shy nature of Virgo man can make the Piscean woman feel dejected as generally, she is eager to hear romantic wordings from her man. This match does not work well as both the mates feel that it’s him/her who has to compromise always.



Virgo11                                Pisces1


Virgo WOMAN – Pisces MAN

A Virgo female always has a practical approach towards life, just the opposite of a Piscean man who lives his life in day dreaming. He visualizes things, which are far from the reality and this charms the Virgo woman as she takes it to be a reality. Later, when she comes to know the fact that her love mate was just making castles in the air, complications start taking place. The woman needs to make the man understand that his thinking is far from the reality, and he needs to be a bit practical. In the long run, one cannot predict whether this match will work or not, it’s better to keep away from this mismatch.


In a nutshell, it can be observed that:


  • The main problem with the Virgo – Pisces match is that Virgo is a perfectionist, and Piscean leads a chaotic life which is highly unbearable for the Virgo.


  • However, to make the relation work both the love mates need to understand each other and should put in their best harmonizing efforts.


 Rating compatibility between the two, it can be said that it’s SATISFACTORY.

27 Responses to Virgo and Pisces Compatibility


  2. its true….its hard to live because I am trying hard to live with my partner….because he is unpredictable and he do not understand anything…
    please god help us

  3. raisa r u the pisces? i am with a pisces man and i am finding i am way more social then he is! we have been together for over 3 years and plan to get married.but we need to have a this in the pisces nature to be laid back so much that he dont want to be social?

    • I’m a Virgo and was married to a Pisces man for 23 years. He loved going out and being social…much more than me. He was extremely smart with money. His only fault was that he had a major ego and loved women. That’s why we are no longer married.

  4. It doesnt work at all 6 years waste of time with a man with a child is hell we dont really do anything together its time to let him go they lie cheat get caught I hate pisces now they use you up til its gone

  5. Like most things… The first step is to change our perception of it… Nothing has to be as big a deal as we virgos make of it. I love my picean man, and everything said here it true… I’ve yet (in 50 yrs) met another who can equal my intellectual-spiritual complexities … And his sensitivity reads mine almost instantly… I simply work towards adjusting my harsh expectations and take ownership of those things I can look past (like paying the bills on time)- the pragmatic stuff.

  6. Katniss Lemming

    My relationship was just recently cut off. He was a Pisces, as a Virgo I’m currently very heart broken.

    The Chaos was Good.

  7. I dated a pisces for 4 years we had a good relationship until after I had our daughter he refuse to work but we never did anything together he would stay home while I would go out with his sister never really like family gatherings either

  8. o wow this just hit the nail on the head for me I am a virgo currently dating a pisces and he gets so annoying at times… Its like I know he can change but he is just so set in his ways that i really dont know if i can deal with it any longer… I like to show my man off and all he likes to do is sit in the house and play the game or watch football….. SMH I HAVE HAD ENOUGH

  9. I am a virgo who spent years wasting time with a Pisces man. There was never any peace in the relationship. I found him to be very selfish and always kept our life together an unnecessary mess. At first I felt that if I just helped him get his life on the right track things would be good. Not so, found out that it was more like being his mother and he was the unruly child. He always acted so helpless unless we were arguing, then those were the times he would say I was trying to control him. All he did was sell me dreams and I would believe him and end up disappointed everytime. I think they are better kept as friends but as far as a romantic relationship it’s best to stay far away unless you are ready for a project that will NEVER be complete. All a Pisces will do is keep your life in chaos!!

    • Frustrated Virgo Woman

      Ooohhhhhh, How I so agree with you. I just dumped mine after almost a year of chaotic toxicity.

    • Dear Jennifer, What i hear in your email is that you are very distressed and eifriretd you are going to suffer even more than you are already suffering! When a person is as distraught as you are it is best to take no action. Whatever you do will have all your anxiety and distress in it and that will push your situation to an even worse state. Mercury Retrograde is a time to be reflective. I realize this is hard for you but it is what you need to do. So do the Mercury retro things: clean your house, iron your clothes, organize your papers. Remember that you love yourself and if you don’t remember that spend some extra time looking for the thread of this love. It is way more important than getting him to love you. Don’t try to show him anything. Rather show yourself who you are, what your life is about. And trust the universe to take you to your own. Based solely on the fact that your birthdays are July 20th (which is only a fraction of what a chart reveals about a person) i think it will take you a while to sort this out. So no rush. The key to working it out is maturity. Both of you have to grow up to the next stage of your lives if you are to stay together. Time is on your side. Patience will be more productive than desperate action.Our program Aligned for Mercury Retrograde’ is designed to help people stay grounded and mindful during the weeks when it occurs. Perhaps you should consider it for next time.Julie

  10. Wow I’m pisces and I think that if you both want it you’ll make it cause when you read this your like its true I’m just not not gonna do it I hate it”! Well if you both had chemistry then its possible!!!….all is just depends how bad you want it!!!…weather it 4-5 years that both party have lasted, that’s says a lot just don’t give up cause I ain’t. Good luck every one I hope all goes well it weather

  11. as a pisces woman dealing with a virgo i can say its complicated. hes very set in keeping himself distant though he is honest. virgolady i have the same problem with this man. i think thats just how it works between this coupling. either one or both end up projecting those kind of behaviors. in my situation when we are around eachother most of the time its wonderful but he can be very cold. he always seeks comfort elsewhere when im not around. time for this fish to swim away before i get hooked gutted and fried.

  12. Frustrated Virgo Woman

    I think the Virgoan (woman) – Piscean(Man) is a constant struggle……… The attention span of a gold fish is impossible to keep up with. I’m a very organised person and like a certain amount of order in my life, but this man changes his mind about 6 times an hour…….. He constantly ridicules me, by saying I annoy him, I know the answer to this one, but every time I leave, he manages to charm his way back again!!!!!! Some good sound advise would be greatly appreciated on how to handle this type of toxicity in a person.

  13. My son’s mother is a pisces. It was probably the most volatile relationship I’ve ever experienced. Truely oil and water. At first the relationship had huge sparks and connection, but as the true people came out once living together. It was almost unbarable. I couldn’t believe how much of a slob and a selfish person she was. I felt like I was her daddy, at times. We virgos know how hard it is to bite your tongue when we’re discontent. Yet I tried, I tried to understand why, I tried to compromise, but it ever worked.

  14. I am a pisces and im datin a man who is a virgo….i love him sooo much but he keeps his emotions all bottled up and he always has a nonchalant attitude….with virgos you have to be very patient and show them that u care and are not trying to hurt them…let them lead the way….pisces just sit back and observe and learn them…they will appreciate u so much more and finally let u in their world

    • i agree with you as a virgo woman!!! we can be very STUBBORN and a problem with pisces is the amount of fantasy world they live in. I truly think we can learn from each as us virgos can be overly conservative and judgemental which we can definitely learn to be more kind and pisces who live in a dream world can learn to balance fantasy and love and learn not to take the judgements of us virgos to much to the heart, because at the end of the day we truly don’t mean no harm, we do “love” you and care.

  15. This is true to a certain extent… I am a Pisces woman and my boyfriend is a Virgo man of course. We’ve been together for almost a year now and we are still completely head over heals for each other. yes we have our fights quite often but at the end of every argument we make up so beautifully and it makes us so much stronger and closer to one another, most importantly we love and appreciate each other more. I believe in astrology very deeply but i’ve come to learn you can’t base everything in your relationship on it, yes some of it is true but it depends on the person your with that really makes the difference.

  16. I’m reading these comments and it seems everyone’s Piscean man has made a big mess of things, as well as created a bad rep for other Pisces. As a Pisces woman, I’d just like to say that while we are free spirits and very chaotic at times, WE ARE NOT A LOST CAUSE. Do not assume that all Pisceans are out to butter you up, take advantage and run. We are not all lazy, mooching slobs. With enough time and motivation, we can easily apply ourselves to most things and make a good thing out of it. Don’t let that one Piscean get you down! I find the Virgo/Pisces match to be kind of..perfect. Filling in qualities the other does not possess. It’s all about TEAMWORK and PATIENCE with this pair. I love it. Stay positive you guys~! (:

  17. i’m an ‘independant’ pisces female.. Working professional, used to wearing the pants in relationships and being the ambitious one. I am practical, supportive, logical, extremely social, and a true loyal partner.. But I do know alot of pisces men that are losers and can’t hold jobs and are just looking for handouts. Most pisces females aren’t that way. I’m interested in a Virgo male and am looking for feedback from a virgo male/pisces female perspective.

  18. I’m a Pisces female & my boyfriend of 3 yrs is a Virgo. He’s everything ppl say about Virgo’s. He can be cold, detached, critical, you name it. He can also be a great provider but it comes with a price. He’s very secretive & he will seek out other women when I’m not around to boost his ego then he lies about it. Virgo men do tend to lie their way through life, expecially with women. They get so good at it that you would swear you’re the one with the problem, not him. They can charm you into falling for them but as soon as they know they’ve got you, they start pulling their disappearing acts. The Virgo starts off strong in a relationship with lots of calls, texts & words of devotion & love but watch out, Virgo will turn on you anywhere between 4-6 months into the relationship & he will stop calling, he’ll take off for days on end, if he’s found his true calling in life with his job, be prepared to come second to it. The girlfriend or the spouse of a male Virgo becomes the most neglected & abused person in his life after a while. Don’t be fooled by how wonderful he is in the beginning. They take huge advantage of Pisces females. They will put their friends, their job & even their dog before you & you’ll feel sad most of the time due to the insecurity these men project upon you. I do feel however that in some cases the Pisces/ Virgo combination can work but it totally depends on the rest of both of your charts. Mainly the Virgo’s chart because Pisces tends to give in to sooth over a situation much more readily then a male Virgo will. Virgo’s can be excellent providers for a wayward girl Fish if he has his priorities straight. But be prepared to suffer some for that added security. The sexual relationship between Pisces & Virgo is second to none. It’s full of passion & spice behind closed doors so there, you will feel safe. But, it’s dealing with the Virgo in the rest of your life, outside the bedroom, that is going to give you a run for your money. One final thing, is if a male Virgo has not asked for your hand in marriage by the 2-3 year of your relationship, don’t plan on it. He doesn’t find you marriage material at that point. He likes the sex he has with you, nothing more. As much as ppl will tell you that these guys are pure with a virgin’s heart, in reality, they love, love, love sex & they love it even more with multiple partners as long as they don’t get caught. The horoscopes say Virgo’s are loyal but I’ve found that not to be true. If you’re still sitting there thinking that your male Virgo is loyal, look again. He’s a master at fooling you. But then again, perhaps that all part of their charm & why Pisces ends up staying with them. Pisces is not known for being loyal so this could be part of the glue that keeps them together.

  19. When I was dating a virgo woman I enjoyed every minute being with her but it went south when I became selfish, possesive, lazy and a hermit. I was devastated when she decided to leave me. After 2 years and dating a couple of women I see all the mistakes I did with her and that saying “what goes around comes around” is totally true. As I read all the virgos posts talking about how it was hell dating a pisces I would have to say its true and I cant belive I put my ex through that . Its funny to say that I’ve always had been surrounded by virgos like my grandparents childhood best friend co wokers and as fate would have it im currently dating another virgo woman. I’m confident now with all discipline, maturity, knowledge, and faith I have gain these past 2 years I can keep this virgos heart for the rest of my life.

  20. I’m a virgo male, I’m not in a relationship at the moment, but I’m in love with a best friend that’s a Pisces. It’s so hard b/c she has a boyfriend..yet we both can feel the chemistry between us…is so deep. She’s one of the sweetest, mature, smartest..she’s just amazing. I gave up on her for a bit because she’s with someone but every time we’s like we’re soul-mates. It hurts so much to see her with someone else..</3…but at the end, her happiness comes first to me..
    I'm a hopeless idiot who's in love with a pisces woman who happens to be my best friend.

  21. Hi all, I am a virgo woman and my ex husband is a pisces man we were together for 22years it was great so I thought, it was like he wake up one day and said it’s time to move one…I was devistated. What I have learned from this is as a Virgo we plan out our lives which helps keep us calm and Pisces dreams there life away and every now and then Pisces wakes up and moves on leaving there mess behind them. To me Pisces are great friends to all, but in relationships with virgo’s they can destroy our gentle hearts

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