Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

One of the best matches in all zodiac matches… Compatibility in the essential nature due to the matching levels of practical outlook, analyzing nature makes their approach towards life similar.

It’s a perfect match, where both the partners work together very well and also accolade each other.

Emotionally, these zodiac signs are poles apart. A Scorpio is really emotional and extremely expressive, whereas the Virgo is shy and hides his/her feelings. The adventurous and courageous attitude of the Scorpio attracts the over-cautious Virgo. However, fearless nature of the Scorpio may leave the virgin, apprehensive and wary.


Virgo                          Scorpio

(August 23 – September 22)            (October 23 – November 21)  

Virgo and Scorpio compatibility Virgo                         and                       Virgo and Scorpio compatibility Scorpio


Even with such a divergence in their natures the two may form the best married couple. Peaceful and harmonious life is on the cards. The timid Virgo would easily handle the strong headed and stubborn Scorpio. However, a clash may arise due to the boldness of Scorpio and the sensitivity of Virgo.


Virgo and Scorpio compatibility Wheel3


Both the individuals are intelligent and would be able to tackle the troubles. The Virgo and Scorpio compatibility increases due to their love and understanding. The Virgo finds the Scorpio super-sexy and magnetic due to his/her self confidence.

Since there is no communication gap so the Virgo and Scorpio compatibility can maintain the stability. The strong willed Scorpio can sometimes make the situation too demanding for the timid and shy Virgo. Nonetheless, both the partners share a wonderful chemistry and superb compatibility.



Virgo MAN – Scorpio WOMAN

A significant possibility of a blissful life appears in such a Virgo and Scorpio compatibility. The sharp and intelligent Virgo harmonizes with the strong willed Scorpio.  A number of similar traits enable them to have a joyful and contented life. Slight turbulence may occur due to the impassive behavior of the man which is quite contrary to the over-expressive nature of his Scorpio mate.

Moreover, sometimes the stubborn nature of the Virgo can also create a rift between the duo. The relation will be the best example of understanding, loyalty and trust. Understanding each other is the key for the finest Virgo and Scorpio compatibility.



 Virgo11                      Scorpio11               


Virgo WOMAN – Scorpio MAN

This is another successful pairing due to a wonderful Virgo and Scorpio compatibility. Both the soul mates would be a foil for each other, and their relation will develop into a marvelous rapport. The passionate and intense emotions of the male would draw out the unseen aspect of romance in her. The Scorpio would fall for her perfectionism. A Virgo woman longs for the sense of security, which will be endowed to her by her man. The shy nature can create some tiffs between the two, but they can be avoided by letting the other person has his/her say.


In a nutshell, it can be observed that:


  • The stubbornness of the Scorpio may lead to a few problematic situations.


  • Both the mates have an admiration for each other.


  • Loyalty can lead to the strengthening of the Virgo and Scorpio compatibility.


Rating compatibility between the two, it can be said that it’s GREAT.

25 Responses to Virgo and Scorpio Compatibility

  1. this is so true-after i have been around the block of failed relationships.
    i gave up on love and man.than he came and suddenly all pieces where falling into question was “why now,really.why?” where has he been all this years.thios relationship is just too good to bee true!
    i only started accepting thast it is true after researching on different counts


    so true

  3. it is true that the scorpio is very stubborn and hard heades, as it is that the virgo is a perfectionist. I am a virgo, my husband is scorpio, we are currently divorcing, we just could not communicate, the sex life was amazing, the love was passionate yet abusive at times, i feel he was my worst enemy but also best friend

  4. I have believe for this to be true for I am a Scorpion and my husband is a Virgo. Everything is pretty much nailed to the T, from the balancing nature of both to the extreme pleasureness in the bedroom. I have found my long term mate and we have became one 02-21-2011. We balance each other out because I am so stubborn and he is the calm one. Our communication skill still needs to be worked on for I am the quite one and he is the one that speaks but in all due time everything will work.

  5. memang selama saya menjalin hubungan dengan virgo, sesekali dia gampang terpancing emosi, tapi di balik itu dia memiliki cinta luar biasa, sehingga hubungan saya terus berlanjut, bahkan akupun sangat kagum dengan sipatnya.

  6. I had given up on love when my virgo man came along,he is thee most perfect man for me,he is humble,hardworking ,respectful,considerate and most important he has a whole lot of love to give. I have never been this happy ,secured and content in a relationship…he is the boss.

  7. I was with a scorpio for 19 years. I am a virgo. We broke up 2 and a half years ago. Will be ever be together again. I am in love with him.

  8. Looking to “win-over” a virgo to say. She’s been subtly flirting, yet not too open with it, and I always catch her making eye contact with me. I am a scorpio. Would it be a good move with Valentine’s day coming up to leave her a valentine with something bold in it such as “I wanna fuck the shit out of you” or would this possibly be too much?

    • Absolutely! I am a Virgo, I am extremely shy, but not too shy when I meet someone, so that Bold move is great. She may be the one wanting to ask you deep down inside,,,,,, so DO IT.

  9. The scorpio man is just bad news for the virgo woman. I know this because he was my first love and continues to be my only love. But he is killing me.

  10. I can agree with this part: “A Scorpio is really emotional and extremely expressive, whereas the Virgo is shy and hides his/her feelings.” As of today, I find Virgos incredibly selfish, self-centered and unwilling to understand that Scorpios need to know what’s going on. That secrecy can make a Scorpio’s imagination run wild and end up getting so frustrated that she doesn’t want to be bothered. I’m not saying this as of today, I’m saying this after two times dealing with the same Virgo. From this analysis, it sounds like the two would be great together but I’ll pass on Virgo men. I don’t have the patience and think they’re a quick way to a heart attack.

  11. There is a Virgo man I like, I am pretty sure he likes me (I am a Scorpio) we get along really well. I always check for compatibility with any of my boyfriends. It usually isn’t good. He is the only one who is a Virgo, and really the only one that my zodiac sign said I am compatible with.
    These articles have given me faith.

  12. I am a Virgo woman and I’ve been in love with a Scorpio man for 10 yes now. We were fresh out of high school then. And we’ve been almost inseparable since . I mean we’ve been up and we’ve been down but I can’t seem to push him out my life; as hard as I try some times lol. No, but truly he is my other half. And I’m so blessed that he’s never left me. I’m sure I haven’t been the easiest to accommodate . But still he can’t live without me and Id hate to see what life would be with out him… Nothing in life is perfect . But we work well together. My partner best friend my man

  13. Jake,
    If you tell me how to hook my Scorpio man I’ll tell you how to hook a Virgo women!

  14. I was n still am in love with a libra man! I am a virgo and he was n is my true love. But when it comes to trust and relationship he is the worst! We divorced after 6 years of marriage and 4 years of dating before that. I did however met a scoripo about 2 years ago and never really connected with him. But just a few days ago he called me again n I felt guilty for being a bitch to him soo I talked for a while. He still loves me and wants to be with me. I can’t n says he never forgot me in the past 2 yrs…I don’t know if this is true o he is just pulling my leg :(

  15. Ashley, I am a Virgo and the best advice I can give you is to be yourself. From what Jake said, its a take it or leave it situation. Telling a Virgo that you want to fuck the shit out of them is flattering, but get to know that Virgo before you involve yourself with her emotions. I myself am a Virgo and my bf/father of my child is a Scorpio. The hardest thing for a Virgo woman to do is open up to a Scorpio male because they are very magnetic It’s rediculous. We have our ups and downs but he is like my best friend and also my worst enemy because I always feel like he’s going to hurt me. A Virgo woman can get so wrapped up with that man that when you want to be done completely you can’t and that would make us snap if things don’t go our way. The best advice to give a Virgo woman involved with a Scorpio is to save a piece of yourself in the relationship because when its over you will be stuck and can’t move on.

  16. I only agree, because the beginning of our relationship was great. After he won me over, his personality changed. He has no understanding, he’s afraid of the world, and of taking chances. If he could he would still hang from his mom’s breast, but she pushed him off on me. We are not compatible at all. I will be celebrating the day my lease is up, so that I can get my life back. He is selfish and self-centered. He wouldn’t, well let me say, he has nothing to show for himself. He stashes money and wants me to foot all the bills, buy groceries, and supply him with transportation. I wish I could go back and erase 6-8-2010. He has been attached to me like a leech since that day God created, so I have to thank God for waking me up that day…But!!!

  17. I am a virgo, my womans a scorpio. Weve been together since 9-16-11 and ive got to say this has been one hell of a ride. Our emotions vary from day to day. Gets really stressful. She makes my mind a battlefeild but the sex is amazing;))

  18. Virgo woman to the T!

    I am a 21 year old Virgo woman and I’ve been with a 31 year old Scorpio man for almost a year now. I have never been “in love” until I met him! I’ve never knew I had a unconditional lOve and devotion and loyalty I give to him. We’ve broken up a few times but we just never seem to fully let go. It’s frustrating because one thing a Virgo woman hates is feeling like a FOOL! Who knows what may happen with us in the future. All I could say is the Virgo woman and Scorpio man is one One of the most compatible matches on the zodiac sign!! Scorpio really brings out the passion Of the Virgo woman… My advice for Virgo women don’t give up on a Scorpio man unless you really feel like you can’t handle it any more, they are the most complicated signs and need alot of patience to figure out.. If he’s worth it go for it! At the end of the day every relationship is a lessones learned… My relationship with a Scorpio man was the most intense,passionate, loyal expierence. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  19. I’m a Virgo with Scorpio in my birth chart, and it’s rare for me to find a Scorpio man or woman I can’t get along with. I feel completely safe and protected – especially by my late Scorpio grandmother.

  20. I find it all to be very true. My Virgo man is my lover my best friend my other half my soul mate and the love of my life. I never thought I could love someone this much especially after all I’ve been thru. He’s shown me It’s ok to love and trust again whole heartedly. We complement one another. We definitely balance each other out. Sometimes I can be a little stubborn but he always remains calm. At first I couldn’t see a life with him now I can’t imagine life without him.

  21. I’m a Virgo woman and 3years ago I met a scorpian man. He came up to me and we talked all the time… And one day he asked how I felt about him….and I said in between(because I was too embarrassed )..and now, saying that is my ultimate regret because now I’ve never seen him again… And probably never will… I’m so sad and I know I need to get over it but I can’t …

  22. hi
    she was always in the wings while i went through a zero relationship [virgo/virgo]. then i turned around and had a good look. the fog lifted and a sense of completeness washed over me . i’m running all out to take that ride, like hanging on to a boxcar rail. dropped everything i’m holding onto just to cruise. i can tell, nothing will compare with this

  23. i love my sorpio boy. he makes things fun and mysterious. hes a bit immature but were young n hes a hard worker looking for his purpose in life n i wanna see what god has in store for us. with or without him in my future i will always love him. he acts like a dick but inside him hes a sweet heart. he hasnt ever stopped talking to me for things ive done hes accepted me for who i am. n he neees me like i need him were both growing as people because we dont hold each other down
    we let each other explore n i have faith in him i do hes smart n funny n sweet but a dick at the same time. its weird but i get him. take time to analyze ur partner. time is precious to them n if they give u time

  24. thats the sweetest thing a person can give u is there time n thats all he wants u to understand. i love my scorpio hes my first n i hope to be my past even if he is hard headed we grow as people n eventually we change into great and beautiful people.

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