Virgo and Virgo Compatibility

A match which could be too perfect or too sloppy due to the similar traits and characteristics. The practical outlook, self-control and stability of outlook make their Virgo and Virgo compatibility high. The meeting of two Virgos can be a timid and tender period for both. Since their attachment with the emotional factor is less their criticism can greatly affect their love life. Both can lead a successful life if they try to understand each other.


 Virgo                           Virgo

 (August 23 – September 22)        (August 23 – September 22)   

   Virgo and Virgo Compatibility Virgo                         and                        Virgo and Virgo Compatibility Virgo     


The Virgo – Virgo relationship emphasizes on the theory “Great minds think alike”. The theory of perfectionism could become dangerous for their Virgo and Virgo compatibility, if one falls from other’s expectation then problems start taking place. However, the pessimistic approach of them will make them see their own faults also. Their idea of romance is not reciting poetry but doing significant things for one another.


Life can become boring and monotonous due to their organized behavior. Living a simple and sensible life is their motto. Both partners might have a keen interest in gardening. Too much criticism of each other can lead their life to a stressful relation. Spending too much time on worrying for small things could increase the tension in their life. Therefore, they should find some time to relax.



Virgo and virgo compatibility Wheel6


Both the mates being trustworthy and loyal to each other will maintain a high Virgo and Virgo compatibility. No jealousy or extreme possessiveness can appear between the companions as both are of earth sign. Similar nature can make their life monotonous. Since both the partners want to dominate the other one, this can lead to a clash.

The Virgo woman gives more importance to money than sex, which can sometimes annoy his male counterpart. However, if the problem is discussed between the duo both can share a great physical chemistry.


virgo and virgo compatibility Virgo11                     virgo and virgo compatibility Virgo11


In a nutshell, it can be observed that:


  • Both being of similar zodiac element and zodiac sign possess the same characteristics and traits.


  • The feature that can reduce their Virgo and Virgo compatibility is their perfectionsist nature. Both want everything to be perfect and because of this, they could start finding faults in their mate.


  • If they put in their best efforts nothing can stop them  from building the most adoring relationship.


Rating compatibility between the two, it can be said that it’s FAIR.

11 Responses to Virgo and Virgo Compatibility

  1. i really enjoyed learning that we are just learning each other and eventually we will be and think as one with a little work, and comunication.
    thanks valaire

  2. I am a virgo(female) as is my spouse (male). I wouldn’t recommend a relationship because you are bound to pinpoint every fault from as far back as time began and it severly affects the relationship after time. The expectations are high especially if you have children. I want less
    monatany as my spouse rather have more even though to keep the peace I have become very passive agressive. There is extreme jealousy and possesiveness in the relationship despite what the zodiac here may state.
    As far as the bedroom the opposite is true in my case. It has become a sexless marriage as my spouse rather not fail in the bedroom as he focuses on material things to fill his days. He has become the pleasure of himself , leaving me totally lacking any emotional or/sexual connection in the relationship.
    As running the home, eventually no matter how well you run it together if these other areas are left ,the arguing will lead to a very unhappy marriage that neither will take the final step to leave because both are very loyal.
    Instead it’s living seperate lives, either openly or in secret.

    • It seems as if you two aren’t following one rule of the virgo virgo compatibility which is communication. It is also said you need to look past each others faults. I also read that living a simple and sensible life is the virgo motto. Which brings me to another point – maybe you’ve let yourself go. I’m not trying to put you down, but if he’s not attracted to you to the point he has been pleasuring himself. Then you need to do significant things to show him you are still interested. The stars don’t lie! If it’s possible then you need to remember why you wanted to be with one another in the first place. Lastly you need not to take the vows you promised each other and god lightly. Read Corintheians and what Love truly means. Good luck with everything.

  3. Wholeheatedly agree with comments by Ashley! Not a good match!

  4. me and my boyfriend are both virgos and this seems to apply to us but it’s not too exact. we both are perfectionist but i cant find anthing about him id change, ever. and by the way i do thing writing poetry!

  5. I can totally relate to Ashley!! I’m a virgo female, and I’ve been with a male virgo for almost 8 yrs. Ooh the drama!

  6. Well , I met a virgo male myself , and one of the virgo traits, are to sometimes notice other flaws. Which I have been doing lately. In his case he may be mad that im not such a perfectionist. —>*to his standards. while Im noticing and that he has the fussy and worrying ways of a virgo . So fairly i oppose and say that a virgo on virgo relationship is a headache … But if your in love its possible . (ALOT OF MAKE UP AND BREAK UPS) — Sincerely Tee x0x0

  7. I’m Virgo and my husband was Virgo, at first sight we had a lot in common , after a few months the reality came out, not compitibility at all. Sexless marriage, Jelousy,drama,he was really aggressive.We were just in competency looking for faults, no communication. Really toxic relationship !!

  8. My best friend (male) & I are both Virgo’s. We do have very strong feelings for each other & want to be together, but there have been some other issues preventing it from being official. We look, act & treat each other as we are a couple & it works well. We understand each other so well & know what to do for the other at anytime. I’m not gonna lie & say it’s the easiest relationship, because we are both so similar, but we use that to our advantage. Virgo/Virgo relationships are wonderful, but they do take WORK!

  9. best relationship i ever had was virgo to virgo. we did argue quite a bit, but it was never heated arguments, and we enjoyed them. we supported each-other well and were brutally honest we are both still in love, but i pushed her away.. post traumatic stress changed me, and i had issues that made me feel she was safer without me, so i moved on. broke both our harts., but its all i could see to do to pout her in a position that someone who was more capable of being the person she deserved. i gave up my true love even though it meant hurting her so she could find a more proper guy for herself and be happy. so now i’m happy she found happiness even though she was the one

  10. if you need a more accurate representation of what the compatibilities are, compare the Chinese zodiac as well a rat and a horse both Virgos or any other sine is doomed to fail but a rat and a dragon Virgo make the best possible combo between two Virgo witch is what i threw away

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