Virgo Best Compatibility

People under the Virgo sign are born between August 24th and September 22nd. These people are outstandingly loyal and constant. With the help of astrology, you can identify with which sign the Virgo best compatibility occurs.





Here is a list which can help you to decide the Virgo compatibility


















39 Responses to Virgo Best Compatibility

  1. im in a relationship with a gemini and as many differences that we do have why is there such a natural likeness for one another

  2. This lies I’m a Virgo and have a veary good relationship with a Pisces girl:)



  4. This says my perfect match is with my Taurus boyfriend but I have my eyes set on a long time Leo friend. I love Leo aggressiveness, my boyfriend isn’t like this at all.

  5. Yay we belong with another «33

  6. This is absolutely true…. My relationship with a Gemini didn’t work and my marriage with a leo broke within a few years. Now I’m married to a Capricorn and we are leading a very happy and peaceful life

  7. Im scorpio,hes virgo.Dont know what the heck were doing together!Total and utter opposites!

  8. My past two marriages have been with a Capricorn and both failed miserable.

  9. Yea so not lying…been married to Pisces man for 5 years…getting divorced….its awful.

  10. I dont believe its a lie. I was with a Pisces guy for almost a year. He lied two times, he tried to get with a girl behind my back, and he says, “I love you and only you.” U cant like one girl and love another girl. Pisces of course not with a Virgo.

  11. These list only tell you how similar you are to a person. I’ve read other information that says that opposites attract. It all depends on how the couple works together to make the relationship work.

  12. Im in a relationship wit a leo in im a virgo what yall.think

  13. I’ve a question. Between taurus capricorn which is better for a virgo? and for a capricorn, which one is better virgo or taurus?
    :) actually I have a capricorn boyfrnd and I want to know whether I’m best for him.

  14. This is a lie. I have a boyfriend with a Gemini. And now we are 1year loving eachother. he trust and loves me so much. Well.. i think it all depends on YOU.

    • THANK YOU!!!!! This is so true! Me and my boyfriend/fiance’ have known each other since first grade and we’ve been engaged for almost 4 months… Whoever says a Virgo can’t be with a Gemini b/c they aren’t compatible is lying and I think this is a load of crap! You should be able to date whoever you want. There shouldn’t be compatibility charts and rules! Love is love, no matter what your zodiac sign is.

  15. I’m in love with Aries and its working out really good between me and him<3 I was in love with a sag but it didnt really work out….

  16. im in love with a scorpio ! and we have great compatibilty

  17. Im been with a sagitaruis.for three years we are diff as night and day I dont understand him and he dont understand me Im a virgo no matter how much we get on each others nerves we make it work I think it all depends on that person

  18. i dont know about these charts… i think you can love anyone and if you loved each other you can make any relationship work!

  19. I hate sagittarius general they are bullies,selfish and bad talker gat one as a sibling,hate. I’m a virgo but I hate virgo men dated one but don’t know much about gemini and pisces.

  20. Im in a relationship with a Gemini and I see some of the things spoken upon in our day to day lives. We get along fine but some imperfections get in the way, And I’ve never even met a taurus or an Capicorn … me and my Gemini are perfactly fine.

  21. I have date a Leo and Libra and they both sucked.

  22. Ima Virgo & had a TERRIBLE relationship with a Taurus

  23. I am a VIRGO male and I have has the pleasure and at time misfortune dating a (1)LIBRA, (1)SAGITTARIUS, (2)AQUARIUS, (1)LEO
    This relastionship start out great. However, they ended on such negative terms.
    I fell in love with a Scorpio. Everything about there love making and sexual style was perfect. However, I did not want to have sexual relations as much as that Scorpio. We ended because they were a lier, cheater, and all around uneducated fool. I also hated their breeding.
    Neven been with a CAPRICORN! : (

    My best friend is a CANCER, we dated a long time ago. I could marry them… but I would not be all that happy because they are so iffy!

    I can’t really get close to the dirty GEMINI.
    Yuck! No virgo with be HAPPLY EVER after with an ARIES. They have GREAT and GRAND taste in things… but they take no responsiblities for their life and actions.

    PISCES and Virgo… This can work. Only if they both accept and meet each other haft way. If the Virgo is artistic they will like the pisces even more. I dated a pisces, we broke up because they were a hazard to my health. But over all they were okay… Just don’t expect to ever agree on subjects of logical for this is the least logical sign in the zodiac.

  24. The perfect match is with my Aries Boyfriend and I’m a Virgo women we Love eachother very much. 6 years I wouldn’t trade him in for the world.

  25. I am a Virgo male and I have had the pleasure of dating a Leo, Taurus, an Aries and a Pisces. The Leo relationship was ok, long distance became a factor. The relationship with the Taurus wasn’t the best. She kept trying to change and control me and if anyone knows a Virgo, they know we don’t like to be controlled. The Pisces was a liar and the Aries woman was bipolar. I’ve found that I get along best with Virgo and Cancer woman, but it all depends on the person. Any relationship can work with trust and communication.

  26. Well I’m a pisces female and I date a Virgo. Have for aLmost 2yrs….and I am shocked that we are on the bottom of the compatability char
    t. I think our releationship is exciting …never boring. He keeps me smiling and even tho I laugh histerically when he claims to be so serious ….( he upset I didn’t notice he cleaned big out my car). We love each other dearly. I am scattered brained and need him to keep me grounded. It’s like having a beautiful abstract portrait and need that that strong stud to hold me up!

  27. I’ve never dated a sign that they are suggesting I date. It seems like I always get with the ones they say I wouldn’t work with. I can honestly say that im in love with a pisces but from a distance now. Even tho we didn’t work as a couple we are still connected. Pisces are horrible liars and could never be faithful to one person. They can love multiple people with all their heart and mean it. Idk maybe I should try to stop dating pisces but for some reason we hit it off so well. Smh

  28. My goodness virgos. Since when have we all become weak thinkers? This is quite shocking but then agian, not all signs act the same way. Gender, days, and planetary alignment plays a huge role in compatablity. So this chart is generally false. What I have been seeing on here is virgos calling other signs lazy. Well you know What! I’m a Virgo, my room is messy, I procrastinate, and is lazy . My mother is a neat freak. So laziness and personality is not summed into one zodiac as a whole. You must go by date, time, and year. Otherwise things like this is deemed invalid, I’m sorry.

  29. Virgo woman to the T!

    Taurus- was my first love.. We got alot great we were really compatible. They are very stubborn so as a Virgo girl you gotta swallow your pride with minor things to get by with them.. If it’s major hOld your ground! Capricorn- they get easily turned on by a virgo’s beauty and enjoy to travel just as much as a Virgo does. They have a hard te really expressing their feelings which hurts the Virgo ego :( Aries- they are selfish!!!! Self centered! And hardheaded! Maybe not all but the one I met was!! Virgo is NOT compatible with them!!!! Aquarius- they aren’t horrible but they are just too CAREFREE for my nature, and also to social!! Since I’m a big introverted Virgo female I wouldnt feel comfortable. SCORPIO- very compatible with Virgo! They are both the same but yet different at the same time. Communication is great and the passion is high! The devotion in the relationship is outstandin.. On the negative Scorpio can be a little bit too emotional and indecisive which ANNOYS a Virgo.. A Virgo can be too sensitive at times without scorpi knowing and Virgo is very critical.. These were my expiernces with these zodiac signs.

  30. I am Virgo and my love is Pisces. We both love each other more than one can imagine over a year now. There are manyyyy differences between us and our characters are totally different yet it does not have any effect on our great Love. I think Love is something undefinable and so independent on the PERSON you and your love are.

  31. i am a virgo lady n in a relationship with pisces for 3years n it is well.

  32. I’m in a marriage with a Taurus, it was love at first sight, and our marriage is absolutely wonderful. We balance each other perfectly. He is my rock!

    I previously had a relationship with a Capricorn, which was a great relationship as well but ultimately did not work. However, I will always remember that relationship fondly. A relationship I had with a Pisces was awful and another relationship I had with a Leo was also bad. Those men were complete assholes.

  33. Oh yeah this is true. I’m in love with a Capricorn and I had Leo girlfriends but they all didn’t work out. Libras I like them but I couldn’t be in a relationship with one. She is too social. I like aquarius but its not enough for me. Cancers I love them too but those chicks get a Lil crazy. My Aries girl was ok but she didn’t last long enough. I cant stand a Pices, Gemnis, or Sagitarius. I haven’t had a Tarius, Scorpio or another Virgo yet..

  34. Everyone is just bitter and stuck in their ways all relationships always looking for the good and don’t want to deal with bad I luv my Virgo woman

  35. I have been married to a Aires for 15 yrs Mostly downhill I am a Virgo just looking for answers Im going to try something different

  36. I m avirgo woman.Iwas married with a scorpion & yes it was wonderfull companionship & successfull but now i m widow.I spent 24 years with my scorpion husband.I have tow scorpion kids also &they r good

  37. first love was a capricorn and i will.honostly say i fell in love with him.but we cud not go out becuase we were too young, stubbornly i loved.him for a year, he saw.we cudnt be.official so he fell out of love and i became obssesed after that i met an aquarius and we went out for 3 on and off years it was crazy he took me back all the time no matter how much i hurt him :/ then i dated a libra and i felt such an emotional feeling like a fantasy he was my bestfriend since 3rd grade. then i went back to my aquarius but fell foolishly in love with a picses who was my bestfriend too and i guess he never felt the same. then i dated a cancer man that was one year older than me and we lasted twoand a half months until he wanted more from me and was nasty so i broke up with him and then got back with my Aquarius and was confused cuz i started haveing feelings.for my bestfriend a saggitarius and i left the aquarius for him but i got too impulsive and told the sag i cudnt leave the aquarius and i hurt the sagg very much and does.not talk to me ever since i was impulsive again with my bestfriend picean but he didnt do.anything again and i.broke up with the aquarius again dated a leo for a week thru long distance he was one year younger and he broke up with me cuz.his dad.made him supposingly but i was impulsive with my aquarius and was going to leave him for the aquarius but i met a capricorn and dated.him for 2 months thru long distance online but left.him cuz my mom made me and thought he was a stranger. so i.had a fling again with my Aquarius but told him i just wanted friendship cuz we.were.going into highschool i met a tuarus we became bestfriends we.still are he is very wanted by girls so idk i get jealous but he never knew how.i fellt about.him then i started talking to a picses and we had a.crush on eachother but.hes a flirt and a sweetheart and.he moved so.i.gave up on him. i started talking to.a.saggitarius but i just dont i only try to talk to other guys to.get.over the Taurus and now i feel depressed cuz i cant have him and.i.settled down and waited for him 8 months and he has been having girlfriends so i gave up on.him but were bestfriends still i just cant have him i guess . the aquarius trys to talk to me and.leave his.recent girlfriend for me but i cant i dont like him anymore i have a crush on this new picean guy but.idk if something can.happen. help?

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