Virgo Man

If you are in love with a man born under the zodiac sign Virgo means you will live in a practical world where there would be no place for fairytale imaginings.
The headstrong and diligent Virgo man puts emotions on the backseat of his mind.


He considers his family and friends, work and duty as the most important factors to live a peaceful life. For him love is not expressed by uttering romantic words, it is an emotion that can only be felt.


Virgo Man Virgoman


He is the man with an analytical and rational approach. Usually most of the Virgo men are diligent, ambitious and hardworking who love facing new challenges.





  • Structure:

    Tall with upright, straight posture and has a wedge shaped straight nose. His forehead is generally large with an elevated hairline.


  • Health consciousness:

    The Virgo man maintains a healthy routine of life giving emphasis on personal hygiene and cleanliness. They keep an eye on their diet, their exercise regime to keep a fit body.


Virgo Man Virgoman2


  • Positive Qualities:

    He is intellectual, has sharp memory, independent, responsible, reliable, imaginative, creative, diplomat, good mediator, loving, and has a practical outlook.
    He has a down- to- earth nature and is really sympathetic.
    His rational thinking enables him to solve his problems with an ease.


  • Negative qualities:

    He can be fussy and critical several times. His inflexible, conservative and interfering nature may sometimes be a cause of his unpopularity.


  • Critical Nature:

    His perfectionist nature makes him criticize people frequently. He may sound harsh and insensitive. However, this critical nature comes to be of great use in endeavors like researches, investigations, law enforcement and interrogations.
    His aloof, picky, pessimistic and sarcastic behavior can weaken his bonds with family and friends.
    His bizarre ability to notice faults can make him choosy. However, the same critical nature can make him self-conscious too.


  • Marriage/Woman of his life:

    To get into a relationship they require more time as compared with men of other zodiacs. His perfectionist and over-demanding nature can make him picky about his life partner. Though he becomes a loving and a caring husband, but would prefer to be undemonstrative.


  • Relationships:

    When in love the Virgo man can make his companion feel the most sought after individual on earth. However, he is more practical and rational rather than being romantic.


  • Father:

    A responsible and demanding father indeed. The Virgo man wants his children to lead an honest and truthful life. He inculcates discipline, proper conduct and good manners in them. He would always try to sharpen their intellects.


  • Intelligence:

    The Virgo man’s intellectual ability makes him keen on probing into the minute details of every matter. You need not remind him of the birthday or any anniversary.
    His highly analytical mind together with sharp memory makes him solve problems easily. He is very well adapted to changes and can make huge profits in financially. He has an unparallel approach of executing tasks well, which makes it difficult for him to bear laziness.


 Virgo Man Virgoman1


  • Anxiety:

    He does not believe in living on his nerves like the Virgo woman. However, his dedication to the perfectionism and work ethics might lead to edgy strains.


  • General well being:

    The Virgo man is fond of hygiene and cleanliness.
    He is punctual and expects others to be the same. They are the organizers, thinkers and problem solvers in their group.
    He generally lives a very successful life as he manages to keep a balance between his personal as well as professional life.


To sum up, we can say a Virgo man is a loving, honest, down to earth person who is truly devoted and loyal to his companion, a doting father, proficient employee and a nice human being.

16 Responses to Virgo Man

  1. Nitin Nuthikattu

    wow. mostly everything is true except for the part about me being picky. but this around sums up my core personality. I never thought my personality could be put into words. job well done.

  2. Plz mention the best careers to the virgo man i am IT person but feels some times confuse as i sometimes feel my career is best in Bioinformatics or as writer as whole life…..plz guide me………..and also plz mentions virgo mans problems and their solutions…….!!

  3. whoah! !95% of the description really illustrates who I am

  4. Very precise! This thing generally read me like a book! All of my attributes are based around this terrific description.

  5. hmmm…all have been said is very true…yup,me sure is very a picky one…hehehe…

  6. omoikhefe darlington

    yap every fin is true about me.nd i wuld try to knw my probs nd hw to solve them

  7. yeah.. true…

    • You have some grammar and ipslleng mistakes, and the beginning is cliche.Virgo sat down on his bed. He held in his lab a huge magic book that he had been reading since yesterday.“Virgo ’ a scratchy voice came from the lower floor. “ Virgo, Dinner is ready”Dinner? Virgo leaped of his bed and peeped out of the window. Night had fallen and the stars were sparkling over the yellow lights of the kingdom. Time has stolen Virgo through the pages of this book for a very long time.Lab? You mean lap. “Huge magic book”? How descriptive! After “Virgo” and the periods, there should be a ” not a . No space between ” and Virgo in the next sentence. After ready and before the quotation you need a period. The next paragraph only has one problem (Time HAD stolen, not has) but is very cliche.Oh, by the way, this IS a child speaking. A child a lot younger than yourself, I might add. And I saw all of these mistakes.

  8. I have come to know a Virgo man; we are almost the same age although I am a Sagittarian. Being a fire sign, I think he has a hard time with my restless nature since he is all earth. He is a good man, but sometimes I think he thrives on drama too much. His nature is very critical, and he analyzes every last living detail of things which is a little overbearing for me. He is, however, a very caring, loving, responsible man and a good friend. He just wants to make the world “perfect” and insists on aiding everyone to lead a better life. I think he gets involved a little too much since he is in his 60′s and needs to think more about himself now and his own happiness. His nature is restless also which is unusual for an earth man, but his life’s circumstances are not settled which leads to his restless nature.

  9. 97% all me, Im a virgo born on Sept. 9th and I’m a Computer Graphics Designer, for a little over a year i been working for a fortune 1000 company and recently got promoted to Senior Designer because of my Fast Production, Precise Designs & Creative Concepts, i worked with 4 other designers and they been working there for over 5 years and i got the promotion in 1 years time, i’m what they say “The Go To Guy” and my actions where positive merely to speed production, and help the company move forward, and just because of my work ethic in precision and creativity none of the other designers talk to me lol typical Virgo Man Scenario, i can’t help it but give my 110% in anything i do, it could be the smallest thing i have to come out on top ;-)

  10. I am a Virgo and my fiancé is also a Virgo he is much older though are birth days are one day apart. This describes him almost all the way, except for how he treats his daughter, he spoils more than anything. We seem to argue a lot maybe because we are both practical just have our own opinions. But all in all this is very true.

  11. Aghhh man ohh man ohhh man.Its 2012 really!But at least this horoscope thingy was right about my sarcasm.

  12. I am a capricorn with my moon in Virgo and the greatest love of my entire life is a virgo man with his moon in Taurus. He isn’t as emotional as I am but we have exciting lovemaking periodically otherwise we would wear each other out and Virgo men are very disciplined in their life with routines and enjoying their hobbies, etc. I am always ready for love and wait patiently for that virgo man to feel the physical love. We have been dating for six months and we get closer and closer in a spiritual connection. We feel each other 24 hrs per day as if we were soulmates. It drives me crazy that I can’t get him out of my mind 24 hrs per day. When we are together romantically we love to kiss and kiss and it is just heavenly. I feel like I am making up for lost time. He is ten years younger than me but we are very compatible because I understand the Virgo man and am very patient in supporting his way of life and character. We are both shy most of the time and have a ways to go to understand what each other wants and needs in a relationship that is mental, physical and spiritual. He loves camping and kayaking; things that are quiet and everything about him turns me on 100%. God help me. Our signs are one of the best matches in the Zodiac and he helps me get stronger emotionally and I just want to love him period.

  13. Ronald Derayunan

    This is so me! Ooooooh my God! Yes! Yes! This is so accurate!

  14. This is like 90% true. I am picky too alotta things. Especially my women.

  15. Omg, this relates to my partner completely!!!!,…

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