Virgo Tattoos

A good method of showcasing your sun sign- get a tattoo.
You can get a number of fantastic designs of your zodiac signs.


The popularity of Virgo tattoos is increasing day by day. The word Virgo has been derived from Latin word “virgin”. The most popular Virgo tattoo not surprisingly is the picture of a pretty young maiden.  No wonder the maiden symbol associated with the Virgo also depicts harvest and fertility. Numerous symbols are available, which are related to a Virgo tattoo.


virgo tattoos Virgo11


Another common design popular among youths is the stylish curve sketch of “M”.


Since the Virgo symbol is associated with plants and flowers many Virgo designs and tattoos have these integrated in them. Many designs include the mercury sign elements.

The colors blue, brown and green are associated mainly with the Virgo sign, you can include them also in your Virgo tattoos. Your tattoo would become more live and symbolic with these colors.
So here are some designs that would help you to understand all the options from which you can pick a design which represents your sun sign:

virgo tattoos 7                         Virgo Tattoos  5                            Virgo Tattoos  6                                 


Virgo Tattoos 1                            Virgo Tattoos  2                            Virgo Tattoos 4


Virgo Tattoos 10                                Virgo Tattoos 12                           Virgo Tattoos 13


14                         Virgo Tattoos 15                     Virgo Tattoos 16



Virgo Tattoos 17                   Virgo Tattoos 19                Virgo Tattoos 20



Virgo Tattoos 21                    Virgo Tattoos 22                    Virgo Tattoos 23



Virgo Tattoos 24                        Virgo Tattoos 26

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