Virgo Woman

Being born under the Virgo zodiac sign does not mean that the Virgo woman is a timid and shy “helpless woman”. In fact, she is a woman having the backbone made up of steel. She walks with pride, confidence and unmatchable endurance.

She considers family, true love and sincerity as the most important factors to live a peaceful life. For her love means true love no other definition of love exists for her.


virgo woman Virgowoman


She is a determined woman who can do anything once she decides it. Generally, most of the Virgo women are diligent and hardworking who love facing new challenges.




  • Structure:

    Slim and slender figure, egg shape face cut with round and high forehead. The features are prominent with dark eyes and hair, straight nose and curved eyebrows.

Virgo Woman Virgo-woman 


  • Health consciousness:

    A Virgo woman is usually health conscious. However, she has a tendency to gain weight.


  • Positive qualities:

    She is realistic, charming, honest, witty, organized, helpful, dedicated and a perfectionist.
    She is a firm woman with strong will power.
    Being punctual; she would never tolerate being late or waiting for someone.


  • Negative qualities:

    She might be nervous, restless, dogmatic, worried, irritable and cranky.


Virgo Woman Virgowoman1


  • Critical Nature:

    She considers herself perfect and may criticize others frequently. She finds it very hard to admit that she was wrong.
    The mature and wise Virgo woman could be highly discerning about everything.


  • Marriage/Man of her life:

    She looks forward to meeting the man of her dreams and expectations as she considers marriage is the most worthwhile incident of her life.
    The Virgo woman is always in a search of a man who is intellectually of the same level.
    Making her fall in love in a Herculean task; for her love means true love.


  • Relationships:

    In a relationship, she would be loyal and devoted. However, if she finds that the relation is not working, she confines herself to solitude.


  • Mother:

    She becomes a very caring and doting mother. She is very watchful of her children’s health. She expects them to lead a disciplined life.


Virgo Woman Virgowoman 


  • House Lady:

    She gets pleasure in the household chores such as gardening, cooking, etc.


  • Intelligence:

    The Virgo woman loves acquiring knowledge so is always in search of new topics. With her penchant for knowledge, she becomes a master of many skills, which enable her to meet the challenges of life successfully. With her precise observing power, she loves the company of such a person who does the same.
    The Virgo woman has a pure mind. However; she remains ambiguous while handling difficult situations.


  • Anxiety:

    Her worried nature makes her live on her nerves. She usually gets apprehensive about insignificant issues. Her troubled nature makes the situation worse and she gets confused in the end.


  • General well being:

    Although she avoids arguments, if she is really upset than could be demanding and fussy.
    Generally, a Virgo woman lives a very successful life as she manages to keep a balance between her personal as well as professional life.
    She enjoys a high-quality financial condition. This is also due to her disliking for extravagance.


To sum up, we can say that the charismatic Virgo woman can become a good pal, victorious, accountable, dependable professional, a romantic spouse and an adoring mother.

41 Responses to Virgo Woman

  1. virgos rock i do not agree with ever thing but i agre mostly


  3. too gud and accurate prediction.keep it up perfect work done.

  4. Its really on p0int….I Love 2 read da sum up….very very nicE….wish it cud be granted by my almighty G0D….tnx!

  5. Its really on da p0int….I LOVE it,I LOVE da sum up,its particularly trUE….It makes me feel better n0w….wish, it cud be granted by my almighty g0d…tnx

  6. 1000%me! Virgo women! Much virgo love 9/4

  7. Poonam Niilesh Shinde


  8. Yes I agree 100% this makes me think that im not totally nuts lol its reassuring to see your personality in such context

  9. very true i am also virgo. & in this poster word to word very correct

  10. I love it! I was born on September 16 and i love it it’s exactly right. I didn’t believe I was a perfectionist ’til I asked almost every person i knew and they all said yes. I love it everything on here is exactly right.

  11. My birth date is 7 September 1967. For the first time in my life I cannot find fault therefore I am inclined to agree 100 percent with your description of a virgo woman, the virgin. Thank you.

  12. It is pretty accurate, but I am a virgo and not at all a organized punctual person. Some of it is true and some of it isn’t, at least for me.

    • If you think about it, you’re probably so busy trying to organise what’s in your head, you’re not actually organising what’s in front of you. I am the same disorganised and late lol… but my mind is always going.

  13. ….it is so surprisingly accurate. (:

  14. I agree with most of this. Its amazing.
    - I dont concider my self perfect
    - I am not slim, slender figure with an egg head shappe.
    Other than that it all fits. 100%

  15. Little scary how accurate this is! I guess I am a true Virgo!

  16. My teachers sign is VIRGO.She is very beautiful and very friendly.I love her as a good friend.

  17. @Venitia= ” Much virgo love 9/4 “….i didnt get this line plz explain….as i am virgo man…..r u mean 9th(Sagittarius) and 4th(cancer) sunsigns..?….and by the way nice and perfect analysis……..thanks…….!!

  18. Totally true. My b,day is on the 6th of september and im am just like what
    Thwy have written !

  19. this makes me smile. My birthday is 9/4 and this makes me finally see what people tell me & makes me not feel to crazy. Lol

  20. Hah this is actually REALLY accurate. Although I’m not as critical and I don’t think I’m perfect in any way I am opinionated and I have confidence. I <3 being a Virgo!

  21. ..its quite accurate.. I was laughing the whole time im reading this because this is what i am.

  22. I totally agree with this which is really scary because my friends agree with it too…wow I can not believe that they really summoned it up and its totally me

  23. I am dating a Virgo lady and whats written here is just nothing but the truth about her.

  24. waww this is sooo meee.i am september 3rd and everything said here is soo me..i love my sign and im also in love with a leo guy and its soo gud he love me to death i think virgo women shud try a leo man its a once in a lifetime opportunity…

  25. 09/15 tru virgo and I totally agree!

  26. i dont know how but it so very matches to my mixed up personality.especially the love part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  27. i dont know how but it so like me!

  28. Omg all of that is so true, I am ok after all I’m a Virgo lol

  29. It’s sooooooo funny!! Allllllll of my family and my best friend calls me a perfectionist!! Of course, I don’t believe I’m perfect! ;) unfortunately it’s also true enough that I am a WORRY WART!!!!! I worry about any and everything pertaining to my life, my honey’s life and my family and friends lives!! I loooooove cooking and doing household chores! Too funny and true. And I am witty, indeed. :) Loved it!

  30. most of its true but the part when it says that she considers her self perfect is not true with me because i dislike my self ……. alot

  31. This is me, on point. I am glad to know that I am not the only perfectionist on this planet. Lol

  32. Im a Virgo and more than being ‘perfect’ I would say we virgins are simply attuned and aware of the possibility of perfection and what life could be like were it more towards this ideal. Being highly intelligent creatures we inherently know that absolute perfection n this physical world is impossible, which leads many of us to seek spirituality with great interest and tend to like being with very fluid people in relationships to help us not stay too fixated on the acquisition of a perfect state… They help us be more loose and freed up. Many of my close friends are water signs and I dated a couple cancerians long term. I would say more than being the ‘perfectionist’, the virgin can be a critic… mostly of herself though, definitely more herself than anyone else. If you want to win a virgos heart give her a little reassurance that she’s a ten out of ten and your praise will come back to you tenfoold. When a virgos got your back, shes also got every other angle covered and is planning your next week of healthy meals while she’s at it :D Just definitely show her that you’re motivated to make the world a brighter place!

  33. Its all about me!^^

  34. I’m a Virgo Women August 26th and most of it is correct Virgos Rock !!!!

  35. funny n true to some extent.i love to be a virgo girl:)

  36. woow just like me,,,why it same same???

  37. I agree with everything except that Virgos consider themselves perfect. I was born September 3, 1991, and I do not consider myself perfect in any way.

    But still, this is spot on.

  38. this is pretty good, but many of us are not perfectionists, rather that we strive for perfection in some areas, our desks/ rooms may be a mess but we may know where everythign is in it. or we could be very mentallyl organized but not as put together. virgos tend to be keenly self aware so you won’t catch too many dressed frumpily or sloppily.

    we are also prone to being nervous creatures, and betraying the way we look by being very passionate, even insecure people on the inside. there is no one. i don tknow much about virgo men, bu t im a virgo women and i think were some of the most feminine women in t he zodiac!

  39. I’m too am a Virgo 8/24 this too sums me up to the “t” I’m so shocked lol the only thing it left out about a Virgo woman is their attractions to cancer men! Seems like every man I’ve ever had something serious with it was with a cancer…

  40. Kuch kuch acha likha hai ;-)

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